Adult and Masters Rowing

The Gorge Narrows Rowing Club, operating out of the SMUS Community Rowing Centre, has a vibrant community of adult rowers (Masters). Our Masters rowers come for a wide variety of reasons, including general health and fitness and an incredible social circle. For the Masters who race, over the years they have developed quite the reputation for the club as being tough as nails and very difficult to beat.

Currently our adult rowers range in age from 19 to 79, and in experience from starting this year to more than 20 years of rowing.  There is a seat for everyone here.

Adult and masters rowing
We have 2 membership options for Masters Rowers:
Annual Membership for 2018 - $1,500* (plus tax and RBC/RCA fees):

  • Memberships run from February 1st to January 31st each year.
  • Unlimited access to any Masters coached session throughout the week:
    • Currently available are 5:15am, 7:00am or 5:45pm;
    • When fiscally prudent, additional coached practice times are possible as requested.
  • Seasonal independent rowing sessions:
    • Available from March through September only;
    • Participants must successfully complete a flip-and-re-entry test on the Gorge;
    • Sessions can only happen when regularly scheduled staff are on-site.
  • Quarterly evening workshops on a variety of topics will be offered;
    • Race tactics, nutrition, strength and conditioning, training and recovery, etc. and suggestions are welcomed.
  • Special guest coaching upon request for specific goals and objectives.
    • 4 guest passes for experienced rowers to join in on a pre-scheduled coached session.
  • Membership discounts:
    • Recruit any new Masters member and receive 5% off your membership;
    • Recruit a Corporate Challenge team and receive 5% off of your membership;
    • Recruit a family member and receive 5% off of your membership.

Seasonal Membership for 2018 - $1,100* (plus tax and RBC/RCA fees):

  • Memberships run from April 1st to October 31st each year.
  • All other benefits remain the same as an Annual Member, limited to the 7-month period.
  • Additional months can be added to the Seasonal Membership at a rate of $145/month.

Check out our Special Offers to see if any apply to you! If you have any questions please call the rowing centre at 250.995.2290.

*Monthly payment options are available with an additional $50 annual administrative fee.