Junior Winter Rowing Program at Gorge Narrows

Junior Winter Rowing Program at Gorge Narrows

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I am very excited about the successful start to our Winter Program.  This 5 week program will provide participants the opportunity to make many gains, both physically and technically.  They have to remember though: you only get out of it what you put into it!  The harder you push yourselves now the greater your successes will be later.
The size of the Winter Program is also very exciting.  With 27 registered participants, this program is thriving!  It is the attitude and work ethic of the participants that make it special though.  With 27 juniors making these gains the GNRC junior program will be a force to be reckoned with this spring!  Can you feel the momentum growing…because I certainly can!  With every kilometre put on the erg these kids are thinking about the race course at Elk Lake, or Shawnigan Lake or Mill Bay.  Find your next level!
The coaches for this program are Danica Bevan, Leonhard Braunizer and Julian Paine.  Danica is our Lead Junior Coach and rowed for St. Andrews Regional High School, Clarmont Sport Institute, VCRC and Michigan State University before returning to Victoria to start her coaching career.  Danica has her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and is currently studying at UVic completing her Bachelors of Education.  
Leonhard, originally from Austria, has been involved in rowing for 25 years and is currently an active member of the BC Rowing Umpire team.  Julian is a recently retired BC Public Servant, spending the last portion of his career in the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.  Julian is one of the longest standing members of this club’s masters rowing program, and has been one of my athlete representatives through the transition from Gorge Rowing and Paddling to Gorge Narrows.  He has a strong understanding of the rowing stroke and will be a huge technical asset.
We have a strong coaching staff throughout the club, and have been fortunate with the relative ease in which we have been able to secure those coaches.  With the load that Danica is facing through her 2016 school term, she has let me know that with a heavy heart she needs to step away from her coaching role at the club.  Danica has done such an amazing job building the quality of our junior program over the past year, and it will be sad to see her go.  I would like to thank her for the work she has done with so many of you, and the way she has conducted herself with that work: Thank you Danica, you will be missed!  We’ll have a formal send-off for her in December.  
The position is currently posted and is open for applicants until the end of day on Sunday, December 6th, 2015.  This is an exciting opportunity and I hope to see strong applicants applying for the job. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or send me an email.


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