SMUS CRC and Gorge Narrows Hires Scott Swinkels

SMUS CRC and Gorge Narrows Hires Scott Swinkels

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Scott Swinkels Head ShotI am happy to announce that Scott Swinkels will be joining the SMUS Community Rowing Centre and the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club as Head Junior Coach. Congratulations Scott! And congratulations rowers, for we have a great coach coming into the club!

Scott is coming back to the sport full-time with a driven passion following a few years spent in the Finance and Investment Banking world. Before he was a full time investor, Scott played a key role in developing the junior structure at Victoria City Rowing Club, first working under Aalbert Van Schothorst and then taking over for Aalbert when he successfully moved over to UVic. Scott has kept his hand in the sport the entire time, helping at UVic by coaching their Novice squads.unnamed (8)

Scott will be joining the team this week to be introduced. He will officially start working with the kids January 5th, 2016.

I would again like to thank Danica for all of her time and energy over the past year. I am excited that you are going to finish your Teaching Degree and I hope that you will be back in the rowing world again soon as a teacher/coach!  So many young lives have been positively impacted by your coaching: thank you!



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