Rowers Participate in the Gorge Waterway Clean-Up

Rowers Participate in the Gorge Waterway Clean-Up

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Clean-Up 2015

Last Saturday, a large group of student-rowers from the St Michaels University School Rowing Team and the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club took part in the 13th Annual Gorge Waterway Cleanup. The clean-up, organized by Suzette Delmage from the Burnside Gorge Community Association, saw many community members and member organizations come together to try to make a significant difference.

(See Victoria News article.)

What motivated the kids to join in? A few reasons! Duty, Respect, Service. Tim Hortons? Regardless of why, they combed the beaches, the trestle, and the trails for garbage to remove. Office chairs, broken glass, metal rods, and syringes are only some of the trash that they cleared away.

One boy, Zach, discovered a mystery. A bottle, partially buried and containing a quizzical note written entirely in Spanish. Buried in coffee beans, the note didn’t say much. It did, however, land him on the news. Good find Zach! (looking for a link to that now!)

BargeConsidering recent events on the Gorge just a few hundred meters from the rowing dock, it was particularly inspiring to see so many rowers out volunteering.  Certainly we were just a part of a larger initiative, but the level of volunteerism in the community from our members indicates that we have a healthy, thriving club!  Now, let’s get the water back to a state that we are confident to swim in it again.

After two hours of work, the rowers retreated to a local park and enjoyed some timbits, chili, and hot coffee, courtesy of the event’s sponsors.

A successful day, for the Gorge Waterway.

Co-written by Aubry Williams and David Calder

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