September 21, 2016 Rowing Center Update

September 21, 2016 Rowing Center Update

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Quick Updates: 

Hello – my name is Dave Calder and I am the facility manager at the SMUS Community Rowing Centre and the Gorge Narrows Rowing Club.  I will be posting more updates about the club on our website and on our Facebook Page.  I hope you find this information enlightening!


Senior Rowing @ GNRC

Starting early September, four University students started training in our 5:15 AM group.  They pay a student rate, and hopefully will become the core of a GNRC Seniors program.  We look forward to this group reaching ~6 members so that we can hire a designated coach to support them.  If you are interested in joining this Senior Program, please contact the club at 250-995-2290.


Junior Rowing @ GNRC

Scott Swinkels, our head junior coach, has done a great job continuing to build the junior program.  This Fall season we are currently running two programs, our Performance Group and our Competitive Group.  The Performance Group is by application only, and has 10 athletes in it.  They have a small boat focus, with an annual training focus for Canadian Henley, Canada Games or the Junior Worlds.  The Competitive Group trains with the Performance Group 4 out of the 6 practices, and is directly coached by Sam Heron.  This group currently has 12 kids participating.  It is very exciting to see the technical and physiological gains all 22 athletes have been making over a very short period of time.


These programs run until November 6th when Scott will start the Winter Training Group.  This group trains from November 7th until December 17th and is open to anyone with a base knowledge of rowing, and will be a mix of land training and weekend water workouts.


High School Rowing @ GNRC

This year we again are offering services to the Greater Victoria Youth Rowing Society (GVYRS).  This is the non-profit group that has offered rowing to lower island high schools for over 40 years.  I started rowing through GVYRS!  The schools that have been assigned to our location are SMUS, St. Andrews, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Vic High and Spectrum.  Although Esquimalt is not running a team this year and Spectrum is struggling to get started, Vic High has 15 kids, and Oak Bay, St Andrews and SMUS are all over flowing!  This creates a lot of stress on the equipment, as they are run all the time, but it also creates a lot of new life at the boathouse, and exposes new kids and families to this wonderful sport.


Filippi Parts Order

The club has ordered a significant amount of replacement parts for the Filippi Fleet, including 15 replacement seats, 45 replacement pairs of shoes, new back stays for the majority of boats, replacement fins, replacement riggers and replacement undercarriages for salvageable seats.  These new parts will make a significant improvement to the fleet and I look forward to the overall enhancement to the rowing experience at the club do to these purchases.  We will schedule a few work parties to expedite the replacement process of parts once shipments start to arrive.


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