Ensuring Participant Safety

The SMUS CRC, and the clubs that operate out of it, are committed to ensuring the safety of all its participants – as well as ensuring that we operate safely around other recreational, commercial and industrial users on the Gorge Waterway.  As an active harbour operator the rowing centre strives to build and maintain strong working relationships with others who we share the waterway with.

Here are our safety practices, policies, codes of conduct and waivers:

  1. SMUS CRC Emergency Action Plan 2014/15;
  2. SMUS CRC On-Water Incident Reporting Procedure;
  3. SMUS CRC Facilitating Practice;
  4. SMUS CRC Opening Procedure;
  5. SMUS CRC Closing Procedure;
  6. SMUS CRC Cold Water Immersion Procedures;
  7. SMUS CRC Athlete Code of Conduct;
  8. SMUS CRC Coach Code of Conduct;
  9. SMUS CRC Waiver (Adult); and
  10. SMUS CRC Waiver (Youth).
GNRC/SMUS Rowing Centre Map